An Aquaritin Wastewater Case Study

water treatment

Transforming Wastewater to High Quality Irrigation Water at the Asian PGA Tour Delhi Golf Club.

The Delhi Golf Club (DGC), established in the early 1930’s, contains both the championship 18-hole Lodhi Course – part of the Asian PGA Tour – and the shorter 9-hole Peacock Course. 

Due to extremely difficult water supply conditions and the urban setting of the golf club, DGC is fully reliant on using wastewater to meet the irrigation needs of the course. In a recent redesign, Aquaritin was contracted to integrate its water products into a Bio-STP treatment plant in order to process 3 MLD (800,000 GPD) of raw sewage into usable irrigation water.

Water treatment
water treatment

Wastewater is lifted from the New Delhi Municipal Council sewer near the Delhi Golf Club with the help of pumps. Primary screening is done using bar screens.

Water treatment

As the sludge settles down in the sedimentation tank it is manually removed.

Water tank

Aquaritin and microbes are applied to the sedimentation pond and aeration/bio treatment pond twice a day at the rate 0.5 liters per 2 MLD per application.

water treatment

A multi-grade filter consists of multiple layers of coarse and fine sand. It offers a low-cost pre-treatment with high throughput and high dirt holding capacity. It can lower the turbidity and TSS to below 5ppm.

Contaminants in the water are captured in the media bed and filtered water passes into the discharge manifold at the bottom of the tank.

Water treatment

A carbon filter is a widely accepted system for removing chlorine and chloramines and organic compounds. It works on the principle of adsorption whereby the pollutants react with filter medium and filtered water is drained out.

Water testing
Aquaritin 19

In the first 4 weeks, Aquaritin Wastewater formulation was applied along with a consortium of beneficial microbes. In the next 4 weeks, Aquaritin Salinity Treatment was applied along with the microbes. Water tests were conducted at inlet and in the final storage tank after 4 and 8 weeks of start date.

Legendary golfer and renowned golf course architect Gary Player, who was involved in the redesign of the course, recently visited the Delhi Golf Club during the DGC Open 2022. During his visit he had the opportunity to see the Bio-STP treatment plant under construction. Following his visit, he was interviewed by a local news channel TIMES NOW where he said:

“Water is the big issue in the world today, and on this golf course (we’re) taking a lot of the effluent water that would normally put in rivers and oceans etc., and we are able to purify (the water) and use it for the golf course. … The water situation in the world is chronic.”

Watch the full video interview here.

A combination of Aquaritin Wastewater and Aquaritin Salinity Treatment will be applied going forward to deliver high quality irrigation water, keeping the Delhi Golf Club greens and fairways in tour-quality shape for years to come. 

The Delhi Golf Club is elated with the results. Capital expenditure on the project was $300k (USD) and ongoing monthly expenses including depreciation are expected to be $5k per month.


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