El Niño Strikes Back: How Supers Are Prioritizing Turf Health over Green Speeds.

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Mother Nature loves throwing curveballs, and El Niño’s latest swing is putting golf course superintendents across the country squarely in the batter’s box. Increased rainfall, reduced sunlight, and cooler temperatures – all hallmarks of this weather phenomenon – create a perfect storm of challenges for maintaining that pristine playing surface.

But fear not, fellow greenkeepers! While El Niño presents hurdles, it also presents an opportunity to shift our focus to the true foundation of a beautiful course: healthy turf. Prioritizing turf health may mean temporary sacrifices in green speed and aesthetics, but it’s the long-term play to ensure your course bounces back stronger than ever.

So, how do we navigate this delicate balance?


Here are some strategies to keep your turf thriving under El Niño’s pressure:

Golf course maintenance
  • Embrace slower speeds: Sacrificing a few tenths on the meter might seem painful, but it allows grass to recover from stress and build stronger root systems.
  • Prioritize aeration: Improved drainage is crucial in wet conditions. Regular aeration allows excess water to escape and prevents root rot.
  • Adjust mowing practices: Higher cuts offer increased leaf area for photosynthesis, aiding in recovery. Consider raising blades slightly and reducing mowing frequency.
  • Targeted fungicide applications: El Niño’s dampness breeds disease. Proactive fungicide application helps prevent outbreaks and protects turf health.

Now, let’s talk about your secret weapon in this El Niño battle: Aquaritin 19. This innovative nano-tech foliar spray goes beyond mere fertilizer and water management. Here’s how it can be your El Niño MVP:

  • Mitigate surge growth: Aquaritin 19 promotes deeper, healthier root development, reducing the need for excessive topdressing to manage surge growth.
  • Boost green speeds without lowering cut height: Improved water distribution leads to more consistent moisture levels, resulting in firmer playing surfaces, even with higher cuts.
  • Enhance turf recovery: Aquaritin 19 reduces water repellency, allowing for better water uptake and promoting faster recovery from wear and tear, minimizing visible damage.

El Niño may test our resilience, but by prioritizing turf health and utilizing smart tools like Aquaritin 19, we can weather the storm and emerge with even stronger, greener courses. Remember, a healthy foundation leads to a beautiful game, and with the right approach, your course will be singing again in no time.

Ready to give Aquaritin 19 a swing?  Sign up for 2 FREE bottles today and see how it can help your course conquer El Niño and beyond!

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Our Sports Turf page is currently under construction. Click below to be put in touch with your local Aquaritin distributor.