There's a reason why so many courses are switching to Aquaritin.

Achieve density, health & control without the grind.

  • Exceptional plant health
  • Improved resistance against pests & disease
  • Enhanced protection against heat stress & drought

“Using Aquaritin 19 has been great for our quality of cut. The amount of silica has really helped the turf have an upright growth habit and improved quality of cut, leading to a denser turf canopy on our greens. The improved cut and turf canopy have led to a more consistent ball roll across all of our putting surfaces.”

"Not enough is stated about how your product enables turf mangers, like myself, to manage outstanding conditions on all areas of the course with far less fertilizer inputs. I have been using Aquaritin on tees greens and fairways and regularly come in under 1lb of N applied during the growing season. We don’t grow as much retain great color and don’t exceed our growth rate which cuts down on cultural practices to manage over grown turf through thatch management! It truly is a game changer for us!"

"I have been a golf course superintendent for 46 years, I have used all types of fertilizers in my career including organic, synthetics, coated, you name it, I've used pretty much all of them. They all worked well, some better than others, but when I used Aquaritin 19 on my greens the quick response and color was like nothing I'd seen before. I couldn't believe using such a small amount of Aquaritin 19 (one liter does 6 acres) that I would have this fantastic response in so little time. it was not just the color but also the growth and overall health of the turf was much better than I've ever seen my 40 year old greens."

“From our first app of Aquaritin we immediately noticed the turgidity, color, healthier turf, and without a flush of growth. Our members noticed too after a long season of record heat and drought. Aquaritin will be a staple in our program every season here in out.”

“Aquaritin has been a mainstay of my green's program since my first use in 2020. It does produce the results that it claims which is something that is not that common in the turf industry. We have undergone a renovation project recently and this has enabled me to lower our fairway HOC to .4". We will be using Aquaritin as part of our fairway program moving forward.”

“Aquaritin 19 proved to be an easily used product with solid results. The low rates allowed for easy handling when mixing and the turf replied with a nice green color."

"First of all, Aquaritin 19 is worth it for the Silica by itself. Add in the nutrient and the "bang for its buck" is more than worth it. My fertility program this year consisted of a granular product being applied in the spring followed by only Aquaritin 19 for the remainder of the season. I was sceptical, at first, of the nutrients claimed to be in the bottle, but I never saw my greens appear hungry or lean while using Aquaritin 19. Not only is it planned for in my spray program for the entirety of next season, it is already ordered to make sure I have it!"

“Aquaritin Defend continues to be in every greens application at 6oz/acre into fall and winter. It stays in through our snow mold/ seedhead suppression application. Aquaritin Defend is also used in snow mold applications for tees and fairways but will likely use Aquaritin 19 this year.”

“I was blown away! Absolutely blown away. So, we went ahead and sprayed all of our fairways with it, and again I was blown away with the color response we got. The density increased. It was Just a better standard of turf in all those areas. Aquaritin products to me, 19 and Aquaritin Defend are well worth their weight in gold. It's just a matter of getting them out, utilizing them and seeing (through the golfer’s eyes) what results they get.”

"In my 30 plus years in the golf course industry I have never seen the color on bentgrass greens so awesome. The greens literally glowed for the two months of our applications. Really good results."

“The turf has never been better,” is what I’m told daily from the membership... Superintendents find it hard to imagine someone has something they are not already using, but I’m glad I gave it a go so many years past. Truly makes providing Championship conditions less of a grind and more fun for our management staff."

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In looking back in my records, 2017 I sprayed fairways 7 times through the season. This year I sprayed fairways 3 times. 2017 we had 7.5” rain through the growing season, this year we are just over 5” to date. I’m seeing less rain, spraying less, and seeing healthier turf.

“We’ve been on this weekly program for 15 months as an additional input and have had a very successful summer in SoCal, despite hot humid conditions and very little rain on Poa greens.”

After seeing the stress tolerance, the turf has after using Aquaritin for a few years now, you can guarantee there are two things in every spray tank, water and Aquaritin. It's been a night and day difference with the vigor and stress tolerance the turf has during the hottest and longest days of the summer.

"Not only does it work, but it is also a great value, doesn’t take up space in the shed, it’s easy to add to the tank, and best of all, we reduce our use of the 2.5-gallon jugs which end up in the dumpster."

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"Aquaritin 19 and Defend has allowed us to significantly reduce our budget, as well as streamline our fertilizer plan, all while regular applications have seen strong results in maintaining the quality of our Bentgrass turf. Would definitely recommend trying out both products and seeing their results on your course."

"I started using Aquaritin in 2019 and I haven't looked back. It has been a consisted part of my program ever since. The plant response from it is some of the best I have seen from any product. "When I tell people about Aquaritin, I say it’s almost like giving the turf a steroid shot. I just remember how good the turf looked the next morning after the spray. I was blown away!"

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We are seeing less disease and the greens cope much better with stress, no matter if it’s drought, cold, heat or traffic the greens seem to cope much more consistently.

Aquaritin 19 provided relief on many fronts. We struggle with dollar spot management and dollar spot is a low nitrogen disease. We ran into a low nitrogen situation, we weren't really putting it out in the granular form. With Aquaritin 19 as our only nitrogen source, our disease incidence was greatly reduced. We were getting longevity on our sprays and I would step back and look at the turf and it looked great!

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“Finding a product that is clearly lowering my wilting point is surprising, I didn’t expect that. The cost of water is a concern, but the reduction in hand watering that I’ve had this year has been huge, almost non-existent.”

“I immediately noticed the ball roll, our green speeds increased by at least six to eight inches the first time I sprayed it without doing anything else. That was the first thing I noticed. Then over time, the color, density, and the healing from ball marks and traffic was the best I’ve seen the greens perform since I’ve been here. It was a very difficult summer of 2022 as far as rain, heat, and the greens never changed, I hardly had to hand water at all and Aquaritin was the only difference from years past. The greens just performed better. I received a lot compliments. People were taken by the way the greens performed. The thing I noticed the most was the color how it held on, and then how things would just heal up, like ball marks, things of that nature.

They just seem like they’re healthier, it just seems like I have a lot less disease, I have a lot less stress. Last summer was a great example; I had a lot less heat stress. Hand watering is out of the question for us. So, I have to balance everything out the best I can without the benefit of being able to micromanage each green.

"The response to the Aquaritin 19 on our greens was terrific. It provided fantastic color that lasted right up to the next application. It's hard to believe that just 6 ounces to the acre provides the response that it did. The ease of mixing and loading the tank is a huge time saver that allows us to get back on the course much quicker. Our greens have never looked this good this early in the season."

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"I saw a very fast color response after each application. I look forward to continuing to experiment with the product going forward."

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“You can notice that with the fairways we don’t spray Aquaritin on, you can see that they get stressed out, you can see the cart marks. We used to have spots on the greens that you could definitely see, and within a couple days were starting to brown out and not look healthy, but I don’t have any of that now. We were having a problem with worms, we now have a lot fewer of them because apparently, they don’t like the silica, so it seems to help with those. Disease wise, already this year I’m at one less fungicide application than I was last year. "We’re not doing near as much hand watering, and just the overall care of the greens isn’t near as much with Aquaritin. They look amazing, nice and healthy and green. I know ball speed is a lot better, a lot quicker with the Aquaritin. It’s an amazing product for what it does; it just seems to bring so much extra life to the greens”

"We’ve been using Aquatritin Defend over the last 2 seasons resulting in consistent root mass and density. I manage a turf stand that’s primarily poa annua with a few different bio types. With rounds averaging 65,000 year round I’ve found a product that delivers ease of compatibility and delivers a root mass that can withstand any pressures that are cast upon it."

"Aquaritin 19 is the only change I made in my greens spray program this year. I have noticed when checking moisture with a TDR, my "immediate action" readings are not visible. For example, 5% on the TDR used to be brown and wilted, but now 5% appears as healthy as the rest of the turf. With the only change to my program being Aquaritin, I am confident that it has improved plant health."

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"I was pleasantly surprised with the product. My 1st app was tank mixed with Bensemec and I had absolutley zero yellowing of turf; in fact the next day my greens were vibrant. I like a product that is compatible with other products as I seldom make singular applications of anything. I was also surprised the the color lasted in more than 10 days without re treatment."

"Aquaritin gave me good color from the beginning, and the second application resulted in a longer stretch of green than the first. My clipping yields were consistent throughout the weeks between and after applications, even through a couple of difficult periods because of weather and super busy play. In the times when the temperatures went into the upper 80s and 90s, my turf held up well and recovered very quickly. I will use this product again and am going to try Defend on my fairways in the coming weeks."

"The product did as advertised, tank mixed well and seemed to help with what we fight the most at this golf course, we fight hot spots here do to our great drainage, it has proven to be a good choice over using some potential harsh wetting agents.. Thanks for the opportunity to try this product out."

"We got an immediate green up after using Aquaritin 19."

"Great color and response on the greens!"

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"After my first application I noticed a really nice color response the following day. I was only using the Aquaratin 19 with my fungicides, no other fertilizers or iron. I did eventually add a small amount of humic fe with my 4th app to help speed up the cup plugs healing. We are experiencing drought conditions this season and I feel this product has helped eliminate a significant amount of hand watering for us. It's super easy to use and I am seeing a quicker response to the growth regulator when it's sprayed and just more consistency in general all the way around. It's really a great product, I'm really happy that I tried the two free bottles and I'm interested in learning more about the Aquaratin defend that I've seen advertised. I will definitely add this to my greens program for this next season. Great product, I can't say enough good about it."

"Ease of use is awesome! I noticed a significant improvement of our greens growth regulation verses prior years. I have utilized Anuew for a number of years, but it has never performed as well as it is now. I did not notice the color enhancement on my first two applications, but once I added Aquaritin Defend in addition to Aquaritin 19 to my program, the color enhancement became quite noticeable!"

"We received 50 percent less rain for the month of June. I must Aquaritin 19 delivered on their promise. Greens were healthy, had great color, and were showing no signs of stress. Tank mixing products has always been a concern of mine. I was leary at first, but did some research on what other people were saying. It was very compatible, easy to use, the low rates are great. I would highly recommending using Aquaritin 19. It will be in my tanks in the future and planing using their Defend product as well. I just flat out recommend giving a try."

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