The Role of Silicon in Improving Drought Tolerance in Turfgrasses

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Turfgrasses are essential to most landscapes, providing aesthetic appeal and functionality. However, they are often subjected to drought stress, which can lead to decreased turf quality, plant death, and increased maintenance costs. Silicon as a solution to enhance drought tolerance in turfgrasses has gained attention in recent years. Silicon is a naturally occurring element with significant potential to improve plant health and stress tolerance in various plant species, including turfgrasses.

The Science Behind Silicon in Turfgrass Health

Silicon is an abundant element in soil but is not considered an essential nutrient for plant growth and development. However, research has shown that silicon is critical in improving plant health and stress tolerance. Silicon works by strengthening the plant cell walls, increasing resistance to pests and diseases, and improving the plant’s ability to take up water and nutrients. According to a study by Ma et al. (2016), the application of silicon significantly improved drought tolerance in creeping bentgrass and Kentucky bluegrass. The study showed that silicon-treated turfgrasses had higher photosynthetic rates, chlorophyll content, and antioxidant activity compared to non-treated turfgrasses.

The Importance of Drought Tolerance in Turfgrass Management

Drought stress is one of the significant challenges in turfgrass management, affecting the quality, aesthetics, and functionality of the turfgrass. Drought-stressed turfgrasses can have a negative impact on the environment, including soil erosion, water runoff, and decreased air quality. Furthermore, the cost of maintaining and repairing drought-damaged turfgrasses can be significant. Therefore, enhancing drought tolerance in turfgrasses is critical for ensuring their sustainability and functionality.

The Benefits of Using Silicon to Enhance Drought Tolerance in Turfgrasses

  1. Improved Turf Quality – Applying silicon in turfgrass management can lead to improved turf quality, even during drought stress. Silicon-treated turfgrasses have been shown to maintain higher turf quality and density during drought periods, improving landscapes’ aesthetics and functionality. The improved turf quality can also increase property value and customer satisfaction.
  1. Enhanced Resistance to Pests and Diseases – Silicon application can improve the plant’s defense mechanisms against pests and diseases, reducing damage and increasing resistance to future infestations. Silicon-enhanced plant cell walls can also increase resistance to physical damage, such as traffic and mowing, further improving the turfgrass’s sustainability and longevity. The reduced damage from pests and diseases can also lead to reduced maintenance costs associated with pest and disease control.
  1. Improved Water Use Efficiency – Using silicon in turfgrass management can improve the water use efficiency of turfgrass, leading to reduced water usage and associated costs. Silicon-treated turfgrasses have been shown to have an improved ability to take up water and nutrients, allowing them to maintain their health and functionality with less water. The improved water use efficiency can also contribute to a more environmentally sustainable approach to turfgrass management by reducing water usage and associated environmental impacts.


Improving drought tolerance in turfgrasses is critical for their sustainability and functionality. Silicon has shown promising results in enhancing drought tolerance, improving plant health, and reducing maintenance costs in turfgrass management. Using silicon in turfgrass management can also improve the plant’s resistance to pests, diseases, and physical damage. However, further research is needed to determine silicon’s optimal application rates and timing in turfgrass management. Therefore, turfgrass professionals should consider incorporating silicon application in their management practices to improve drought tolerance and the overall sustainability of turfgrass.

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